Toilet Repair

Toilet repair contractors in harrisonburg

A leaking toilet doesn’t have to be replaced with a new toilet. There are many components that keep toilets functioning and a myriad of issues that can go wrong with a toilet. In fact, toilet issues are very common, so we are well-experienced at repairing toilets without spending a large amount on putting in a new one. Due to the exposure to running water, that flows throughout a toilet, parts can wear out over a short period of time. Toilet parts are built to withstand only a limited amount of flushes before they begin to wear down and fail.

Running Toilet
Toilets do not literally run, but they can fail to hold back water where required. This is called a running toilet, and it can be very costly over time. Water is supposed to be in a contained system within the pipes in our buildings. This contained system gives us control over our water by letting us twist handles and deposit fresh water as required. However, when toilet parts wear out, then you may hear it running water through it continuously. Since it is no longer in a contained system, it will continue to flow and leak water which can be equivalent to the cost of a sink that is left turned on.

Multiple Models
The consumerism in our country gives us access to a variety of goods from different countries. Toilets are no different as they have moved beyond simply being a porcelain bowl where we deposit waste. Some of the newer models even have electricity associated with them as they have built in bidets and heated seats, amongst other things. New toilets can be as complex as state-of-the-art appliances that you use in the kitchen.

More Value Less Cost
The years that we have spent working around the Harrisonburg, VA region have given us a reputation of being fair, focused, and efficient. We will never try to drive cost up simply to increase our profits. Instead, we have a solid pricing model that is well-established to give you the best value in the city for a price that is fair to you. Any parts that we need to replace on your toilet will be clearly explained and you can be shown why it needs replaced. Our goal with doing this is so you have the comfort of mind that we are only replacing what is bad, and not swapping out parts that are like new still.

Not So Simple Functionality
The concept behind a toilet is simple. Push the handle, elevate the plug, and let the fresh water flow from the tank to the toilet. However, there are small components within that system that can wear out and fail. Some of these components may be difficult to pinpoint if you are not a professional who is experienced in toilet repair. Not only that, but why spend your valuable time tinkering with a failing toilet when you could be enjoying your favorite hobby instead? Choose us for your plumbing services and we will do the dirty work for you.


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